YEMEN Press Agency

Yemeni sheikh vows expelling Saudi-Emirati occupation from Mahra

MAHRA, Feb. 25 (YPA) – A senior sheikh of Yemen’s eastern province of Mahra on Sunday threatened the Saudi-Emirati occupation forces with resistance and expulsion from the province, according to Yemen Press Agency’s reporter.

In a press statement, Sheikh Abdullah bin Afrar said that the Saudi and UAE regimes aimed to drag the province into a violent political spiral to pass the Salafist project, which they seek to establish in the province, taking advantage of the conflict in Yemen.

Many new militias supported by the Saudi-led coalition countries come with the aim of speeding up the fragmentation of Yemen, bin Afrar added.

He expressed his fear of the coalition countries’ schemes in their aggression against Yemen. “We are afraid that Yemen will not be united again,” he said.