YEMEN Press Agency

Subaiha tribes reject UAE occupation in Lahj

LAHJ, Feb. 25 (YPA) – The governor of Lahj Ahmed Hamoud Jarib al-Subaihi praised the tribes of Subaiha, who rejected the efforts of the UAE occupation and its plans to find places in the province, in a statement received by Yemen Press Agency on Sunday.

The tribes of Sabihah rejected demands of the UAE to form a security belt brigade belonging to the Emirati occupant from the sons of the tribes, the governor said.

Jarib accused the UAE of using the sons of Subaiha as a fuel for colonial ambitions.

He also called on all sons of Lahj province who joined the camps of the UAE occupation in Aden to leave those camps and to join the army fronts to liberate the province of Lahj from invaders and occupiers.


Sameera Hassn