YEMEN Press Agency

Shabwa a new battleground between UAE-backed forces, Hadi forces

SHABWA, Feb. 23 ( YPA) – Military Forces reinforcements were seen moving from Marib heading to the province of Shabwa, east of Yemen to support forces loyal to exiled resigned Riyadh- based president Abdrabo Mansour Hadi amid mounting of military mobilizations between Shabwani elite forces backed by United Arab of Emiratis occupation forces and Hadi’s forces, a local source told Yemen Press Agency.

The Ataq city is witnessing an unprecedented military mobilization and a high level of tense between the two sides due to the holding of the security director of Habban distric by the Shabwani elite forces, the source added.

The elite forces backed by UAE occupation forces have expanded and managed to control and strengthen their influence in many districts, including the city of Ataq, the capital of the province.

In earlier time, the elite forces had stormed the security building in Habban district on Wednesday and arrested several officers and soldiers.