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UAE to shift its war against al-Qaeda from Hadrmaout to Marib

Hadramout, Feb. 23 (YPA) – The United Arab of Emirates occupation force in Yemen  have the intention to shift its war against al-Qaeda organization from Hadrmaout to Yemen’s central province of Marib , a military official told Yemen Press Agency .

The war carried out by “Hadrami elite force” backed by UAE occupation forces is a play aimed to eliminate the presences of ISLAH and Ali Mohsen forces in the southern provinces.

“Taking Control of Wadi al-Masini means driving al-Qaeda out of their most important stronghold,” during an interview with Sky News Channel said Saeed al-Jumihi, who is a researcher in extremist group affairs and terrorism.

According to al-Jumihi, Marib is a stronghold for ISLAH Party members and al-Qaeda militias, because of the tribal support they got from important social figures in the province.

Political and military analysts, considered al-Jumihi’s speech as proactive analysis for Emirati arrangements aimed to attack the Islah Party (Muslim Brotherhood) and its militias in the province of Marib, under the pretext of fighting al-Qaeda.

The UAE‘s  plane to eliminate ISALH Party ( Muslim Brotherhood) has accelerated after the appearance of Tariq Saleh and controlling over Yemen’s southern province of Aden by separatists, the official added.