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Saudi media try to Saudize Yemeni heroes’ achievements

SANAA, Feb. 22 (YPA) – Like ‘Saudization’ of jobs across the Kingdom targeting Yemeni expatriates, Saudi media tried to Saudize Yemeni heroes’ achievements.
Saudi ‘MBC Action’ channel re-introduced a famous video clip documented by Yemeni military media for the Yemeni soldier, who rescued his colleague in the battlefield by carrying him on his shoulder and walking with courage amid a barrage of bullets.
The channel renamed heroes of the short film with Saudi names, but it faced a problem with the uniforms worn by the film’s heroes, because it is a Yemeni traditional uniform.
So, the channel resorted to claim that the soldier took off his uniform and wore Yemeni clothes to save his dead fellow, but it was unable to fabricate another lie justifying wearing of the same popular Yemeni clothes by the dead man.
This move came as an attempt by Saudi media to redirect the message contained in the video in order to ensure not affecting the morale of their soldiers on the battlefield.