YEMEN Press Agency

Saudi-led Coalition receives painful blow in Yemen’s west coast 

TAIZ, Feb. 20 (YPA) – At least 12 soldiers of UAE troops participating in Saudi-led coalition were killed on Monday evening in a unique operation of the Yemeni army forces in Moza district, northern Taiz province, a military source told Yemen Press Agency.


This came at a time the coalition’s leadership is preparing to push new forces led by the slain ex-president’s nephew, Tareq Mohammed Abdullah Saleh, to the west coast.


The operation also resulted in destroying four Emirati armored vehicles and four others belonging to the coalition’s mercenaries, according to the source.


The coalition’s command pushed forces loyal to it to the site of the operation, under an intense air cover, in order to take the dead Emiratis out of the battlefield.


While the army is surrounding Emirati forces, which have been drawn into Moza front, and preventing mercenaries from advancing, the coalition warplanes bombed the mercenaries with cluster bombs, killing and wounding many of them, the source elaborated.


The UAE authorities have admitted the death of one of its soldiers, without specifying the date and place of his death.