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Report: Army kills, wounds Saudi troops in battlefronts on Monday

SANAA, Feb. 20 (YPA) – The Yemen army has carried out military operations including artillery, missiles and snipping attacks on Saudi soldiers and militias’ gatherings and sites over the past 24 hours, according to reports combined by Yemen Press Agency on Tuesday.

  • In Najran border province:

Artillery shelling targeted gatherings of Saudi-backed militias in front of Boqea camp.

Gatherings of Saudi soldiers shelled in Shrfa and Shabaka sites.

A Saudi soldier was sniped in Shabaka site

A Saudi military vehicle was bombed by an explosive device in front of Alib mountains.

  • In Asir border province:

Two of the militias were shot dead in front of Alb crossing.

  • In the border province of Jizan:

Two Saudi soldiers were sniped in Qewa and Hamidha villages.

Saudi soldiers’ gatherings were targeted by artillery in Khashel-

 Saudi military vehicle was bombed by an explosive device in Hathra site, killing all its crew.

  • In Yemen province of Jawf:

An offensive operation was waged on Saudi-backed militias’ sites in Haija area of Mazlub district, killing and wounding dozens.

Two militias’ military vehicles were destroyed in Khalivin area and Sabrin front in Kub-washaaf district, killing and wounding all their crews,

ISIS leader was killed by fires of the Yemen army in Kub-washaaf.

 Katyusha rockets were fired toward mercenaries’ gatherings in Ghail district, killing and wounding many of them.

  • In Nehm district:

Militias’ gatherings were shelled by artillery beyond Fatm mountain of Harib-Nehm.

  • In Taiz province:

An advance attempt of militias was foiled in Salw district, killing and wounding numbers of them.

Two militias were sniped in Moazea front.

A militias’ military vehicle was destroyed in Kadaha of Bir-Basha by artillery shells.

 Dozens of militias were killed and injured during an offensive operation on their sites in Kasara-air defense.

  • In Lahj province:

 An infiltration attempt of militias was repelled in Shaznana area of Qubaidh, killing and wounding dozens and without any progress.

 Dozens of militias were killed and injured during repelling their infiltration attempt toward Hamraa Hill of Karsh district.

  • In Bayda province:

 Gatherings of militias and their military vehicles were shelled by artillery in Mukairas, causing direct causalities.

  • In Hajjah province:

A military bulldozer was bombed by a guided rocket in the north of Medi desert.

  • In Marib province:

 Sniper unit of the army shot dead 12 of Saudi-backed militias in Serwah front.


Sameera Hassn