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Coalition airstrikes destroy 19th Ismaili preacher’s shrine

Coalition airstrikes destroy 19th Ismaili preacher’s shrine

SANAA, Feb. 18 (YPA) –  The warplanes of Saudi-led coalition on Sunday launched airstrikes on 19th Ismaili preacher’s shrine, Mr. Idris, in east of Haraz district of Sanaa province, local residents and security officials said.

The shrine was completely destroyed.

Residents said these air raids were an insult to all Ismaili communities in Yemen, Saudi province of Najran, India and in everywhere of the world.

According to a previous monitoring by the Yemen Press Agency, the Saudi-led coalition fighters have targeted mosques, domes, tomb, shrines and temples in several Yemen provinces including:

  • Prophet Shuaib’s Mosque in Bani Matar district, which is an archaeological mosque, was totally destroyed on 16/8/2016
  • Temple “Nkrah” in Braqesh of Marib province, an archeological monument was partially destroyed by coalition aircraft on 6/3/2016.

In turn, al-Qaeda and ISIS blew up a large number of mosques, shrines and historic churches in more than a Yemeni city, including:

  • Imam Husseini Mosque in Aden, which was completely destroyed by the elements of al-Qaeda on 13/6/2015.
  • The Islamic historical dome of Sheikh Abdul Hadi al-Sudi in Taiz, which dates back to 640 AH, was subjected to total destruction on 15/9/2015
  • On June 20, 2015, the Hafun church in Aden was partially destroyed.

Sameera Hassn/Zak