YEMEN Press Agency

Shaban elite militia control on Ataq airport in Shabwa

SHABWA, Aug. 10 (YPA) – The militia of the so-called Shaban elite of the southern transitional movement, which backed by the UAE occupation forces, on Friday took control of the airport of Ataq, the capital of Shabwa province in eastern Yemen.
The correspondent of Yemen Press Agency in the province said that an armed clashes took place between the Southern Transition militia and military forces of exiled Hadi’s Government at the airport, of Ataq, in which the Shaban elite managed to take control of the airport and the expulsion of Hadi forces.
The correspondent indicated that the southern transitional militia controlled on all government headquarters and some military locations near the city of Ataq city, the electricity road, and a tour of honey in the city.
This came after the southern transitional militia of Shaban elite imposed a security cordon on the city of “Ataq” and carried out a tight campaign prevented the entry of weapons to the capital of the province.

Sameera Hassn