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Worm devours six villages in Dhamar (Video)

DHAMAR, Aug. 9 (YPA)-  Civilians in Wusab Al A’ali District of Dhamar province launched an urgent appeal to the all the concerned body in the province, all international humanitarian and environmental organizations working in Yemen to exterminate an insect that has awakened the population and chased them from their homes in the past months.

In a distress call from the people in Bahwn and Qadamah areas, they urged the authorities to take a serious step to eliminate the “strange worm” that spread on all neighbouring areas.

Sheikh Arief al-Qadima told Yemen Press Agency (YPA) that the worm first appeared at the end of the last month in Wadi al-Nar area and then rose to the mountains until it reached the middle of the mountains currently in the following areas (Qadah, Bahwan, Al-Ma’ashar, ) And continues to spread  in all region.