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Army kills several military commanders loyal to Saudi-led coalition


SANAA, Feb. 9 (YPA) – The Yemeni army killed on Friday several military commanders belonging  to US-backed Saudi-led coalition in various front lines of Sanaa, Jaw, Marib and Taiz provinces, a military official said.

Brig. Gen. Heikal Hantaf, appointed by the coalition as commander of the so-called First Brigade Border Guard, along with the head of the operations of the brigade were wounded , in Yatmah area of Jawf area.

In Yatamah also, commander of the battalion II in the same brigade Nafi Jrad, was killed.

Lieutenant Abdul-Khubair Radmani, was killed in Bokaa area, Captain Mohammed al-Makeni, naknamed as Abu Oyoun was called in Sourwah area of Marib province.

Faisal al-Makhlafi, who is the deputy of the commander of the northern front in Taiz was also killed in Taiz.