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French police arrest political scientist due to his support of Gaza

PARIS, July 10 (YPA) – French police arrested Francois Burgat, a French political scientist known for his support of Gaza, on charges of “supporting terrorism,” according to his lawyer.

Burgat, a renowned political scientist who supports the cause of besieged Gaza, was placed in custody over alleged “advocacy of terrorism,” his lawyer said Tuesday.

Francois Burgat was detained by police in the southern city of Aix-en-Provence over his alleged “advocacy of terrorism,” lawyer Rafik Chekkat said on X.

The European Jewish Organization filed a complaint about the expert on the Arab world and Islamophobia for reposting a post on X this Jan. 2, Chekkat added.

He condemned the arrest, emphasizing that “the academic’s place is not in the police station.”

“Burgat is giving honest answers and refers to his status as a researcher and the books he wrote. He said that he was also heard at the National Assembly, the Senate, the Criminal Court, etc. He was asked questions about the conflict and he had the opportunity to express himself,” the lawyer explained.