YEMEN Press Agency

Video footages show Hezbollah targeting several Zionist sites

BEIRIUT, June 14 (YPA) -The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon, led by Hezbollah, released video footage on Friday showing its fighters targeting several Zionist military sites near Lebanon and Palestine borders.

The first video showed Hezbollah’s fighters targeting the newly established headquarters of the eastern front in the Galilee Division of the “Israeli” enemy army in northern occupied Palestine.

The second video showed the resistance fighters targeting a Hummer military vehicle of the “Israeli” enemy army at the “Yiftah”-Qadas triangle in northern occupied Palestine.

The third footage showed the Hezbollah’s fighters bombing  the Rahib site of the enemy “Israeli” army on the southern Lebanese borders with heavy machine guns and artillery shells.

The fourth video showed the Islamic Resistance’s fighters targeting the “Plasan” Military Industries Factory in the “Sasa” settlement in northern occupied Palestine.