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Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi warns Saudi regime against involvement in harming Yemeni economy

SANAA, June 13 (YPA) – The leader of the Yemeni revolution, Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi, once again warned the Saudi regime on Thursday against getting involved in harming the Yemeni economy in the service of America and Israel because it would expose its interests to danger.

In his weekly speech on Thursday evening, Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi said, “The Americans are putting pressure on our country in the economic file, and in this file in particular, they seek to implicate the Saudi regime.”

He addressed the Saudi regime by saying, “We will not accept the equation that our people will be suffocated and starved and that others will seek to harm them; then they will be in comfort and luxury, and no harm will befall them, because whoever wants to harm our people will be harmed, and our boldness is clear in our right position.”

The leader of the Yemeni Revolution advised the Saudi regime not to get involved because Yemen has been in a war and suffering greatly as a result of the aggression for years, stressing that “Yemen’s boldness is clear even towards America and Britain, which makes other regimes submit to them.”

He confirmed that Yemen does not have any hostile intentions towards any Arab country, adding, “We will not accept that any Arab regime intends to harm the Yemeni people in the service of Israel and in obedience to America.”

Addressing the Saudi regime, he asks, “What motivates you to be concerned with courting Israel so that the Gaza tragedy turns into a normalization deal and then a hostile trend against the Yemeni people?”

He concluded by saying, “Ingratiating yourself with Israel is not in your interest nor in the interest of your people, but rather a service that harms you, offends you, disgraces you, and benefits the Israeli enemy.”