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Israeli occupation continues to close Rafah, Kerem Shalom crossings for 34th day in row

GAZA, June 09 (YPA) – The Israeli occupation forces continued on Sunday to close the Kerem Shalom commercial and Rafah border crossings for the 34th day in a row.

On May 5, 2024, the occupation forces completely closed the Kerem Shalom crossing, southeast of the city of Rafah, and prevented the entry of humanitarian and medical aid. After 20 days of closure, the crossing was opened for less than 24 hours, during which 200 aid trucks entered, which are very scarce quantities compared to the needs of the sector, especially after seven continuous months of aggression.

On May 6, the occupation forces announced the start of a ground military operation in Rafah, and the next day, they occupied the Palestinian side of the Rafah crossing and prevented the entry of life-saving aid and supplies into the besieged Strip, which exacerbated the humanitarian catastrophe.

According to Palestinian medical sources, no sick or wounded person has been able to leave the Gaza Strip since the reoccupation of the Palestinian side of the crossing.

The continued closure of the crossings threatens the return of famine to Gaza City and the northern Gaza Strip, after citizens exhausted their remaining food supplies in light of the scarcity of aid.