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Sanaa announces upcoming stages of escalation.. What awaits Israel in coming days?

SANAA, May 10 (YPA) – Not a week had passed since the leader of the Yemeni revolution, Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi, announced the fourth stage of escalation against the Israeli enemy, until he spoke today, Thursday, in his speech about the latest developments about a fifth and sixth stage of escalation.

This indicates that Sanaa has drawn up a well-thought-out plan for its war with the Israeli enemy, which is escalation against escalation, and that every new escalation carried out by the Israeli entity in Gaza will be met with a new stage of escalation by Sanaa.

But it appears that Sanaa is still awaiting the results of the negotiations between the Palestinian resistance and the Israeli entity. In the event that the negotiations sponsored by Egypt and Qatar collapse, and the occupation army carries out its threats and attacks the city of Rafah, Sanaa will announce the launch of the fifth and sixth phases.

The question that arises is what options Sanaa will make in the fifth and sixth stages of escalation after expanding its operations in the fourth stage to include all company ships working to transport goods to the ports of the occupying entity.

Analysts confirm that Sanaa is expected to announce a complete ban on the movement of freight to the Israeli entity in the fifth and sixth stages of escalation. They also do not rule out that Sanaa will expand its operations deep into the occupying entity to include more sensitive areas in parallel with a similar escalation by Hezbollah in Lebanon, which would represent a real disaster for the Israeli entity that might lead it to the abyss.

Analysts believe that in light of the new Sanaa declaration and the escalation that the Islamic resistance in Lebanon – Hezbollah—and the resistance factions could do, the Israeli entity will think carefully about the issue of invading Rafah.

Because by doing so, the entity will open the gates of hell upon itself and will ignite more fires than are already burning in the region, which is on the verge of a regional war due to the foolishness of the Israeli entity and the unlimited support that America provides to the entity, especially since the resistance axis is serious about expanding the circle of war if the Israeli enemy insists on invading the city of Rafah.