YEMEN Press Agency

Thousands of Zionist demonstrators block streets in Tel Aviv, clash with occupation police

OCCUPIED QUDS, March 30 (YPA) – Violent clashes broke out in several streets in Tel Aviv on Saturday between Zionist demonstrators and the Israeli occupation police, demanding the dismissal of the occupying Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the conclusion of an immediate prisoner exchange deal.

According to what was reported by Hebrew media, the police arrived with reinforced forces to the demonstration, and they began trying to remove the demonstrators from a central point on Begin Road.

In turn, “Yedioth Ahronoth” newspaper reported, quoting the detainees’ families, saying, “Netanyahu is obstructing reaching a deal that would lead to the release of our sons, and we will not stand idly by any longer, nor will we beg them. You will see us all over the country, and we will burn it down because we are tired of your lies.”