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Bin Habtoor: The Yemeni people remained steadfast for nine years


SANAA, March 27 (YPA) – Caretaker Prime Minister of Sanaa government Abdul Aziz bin Habtoor affirmed that the Yemeni people remained steadfast for nine years, resisting the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression alliance without surrendering.

Speaking at a celebratory event marking National Resilience Day, Bin Habtoor credited this resilience to the free will of Yemenis and the guidance of Sayyed Abdulmalik Badreddin al-Houthi, the Leader of the Revolution, who led the people to victory.

Bin Habtoor highlighted Yemenis’ ability to withstand for over nine years, entering their tenth year with heads held high. He emphasized Yemen’s solitary stance against military coalitions formed by over 17 countries aiming to subjugate Sana’a and its people since the aggression began.

Bin Habtoor questioned the justification for the cruelty, violence, and destruction inflicted upon Yemenis, along with the suffocating siege imposed on them.

He noted that Yemen has emerged as a formidable force challenging the United States and Britain in strategic maritime locations. He hailed this heroism as unprecedented.

The Prime Minister recalled the aggression’s onslaught on Yemen’s military, emphasizing Sayyed Abdul-alik al-Houthi’s calls for the aggressors to recognize the Yemeni people’s victory responsibly.

Bin Habtoor reiterated Yemen’s readiness to endure further challenges under Sayyed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi’s leadership. Despite facing aggression from 17 countries, Yemen refrained from aggression in maritime zones. However, upon the call from Gaza, Yemen stood in solidarity, supporting and resisting the Zionist enemy alongside its people.