YEMEN Press Agency

UAE forces establishes elite forces in Yemen’s Mahra 

SANAA, July 12 (YPA) – The UAE occupation forces have started to form the so-called elite Mahri forces in Yemen’s province of Mahra, as it did in Shabwa and Hadramout provinces, according to a document issued by the UAE team commander in Mahra on July 9, 2018.

The document, which Yemen Press Agency obtained a copy of it, revealed the extent of the UAE forces’ blatant interference that oversteps powers and affairs of local authority in the province.

The move came amid popular claims of the departure of Saudi-led coalition forces from the province.

The document showed direct orders of the UAE team commander to security director of the province on sending new military photos of all the personnel working in security centers and points of the coalition in the districts.

The UAE forces are facing wide protests and sit-ins by the people of the province for the third week in a row, who demand the departure of those forces and that land and sea ports and Ghaida Airport be reopened and be controlled by the local authority.