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Humanity Eye Center releases statistics on crimes of Saudi-led coalition in past nine years

SANAA, March 26 (YPA) – The Humanitarian Eye Center for Rights and Development published on Monday shocking statistics on the crimes of the Saudi-led coalition over the past nine years.

According to the center’s report, the total number of civilian casualties resulting from direct bombardment during this period stands at 50,025, comprising 18,381 martyrs and 31,644 wounded individuals.

The report highlighted the tragic toll on vulnerable demographics, with 4,123 child fatalities and 4,992 injuries, along with 2,486 women killed and 3,057 wounded. Additionally, 11,772 men lost their lives, with 23,595 sustaining injuries.

The Humanitarian Eye Center’s data indicated widespread targeting of civilian infrastructure, including 613,992 homes, 427 hospitals and health facilities, and 1,843 mosques.

Educational institutions were not spared, with 1,331 schools and 186 university facilities destroyed. Furthermore, 146 sports facilities, 269 archaeological sites, 63 media facilities, and 393 tourist sites were among the casualties of the coalition.

The report also documented the destruction of critical infrastructure such as 15 airports, 16 seaports, 354 power stations, and generators, 647 communication networks and stations, 3,332 water tanks and stations, 2,155 government facilities, and 7,940 roads and bridges.

Economic targets suffered immense losses, with 417 factories, 397 fuel tankers, 12,534 commercial facilities, 12,775 agricultural fields, 484 poultry and livestock farms, 10,801 means of transportation, and 493 fishing boats destroyed.

Additionally, the coalition targeted essential food supplies, bombing 1,043 food warehouses, 434 fuel stations, 712 markets, and 1,162 food trucks.