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Lahj witnesses angry protests denouncing rampant corruption, collapse of services

LAHJ, March 02 (YPA) – Al-Mudaraba and Ras Al-Ara District of Lahj province, overlooking Bab Al-Mandab, witnessed on Saturday angry protests denouncing the spread of corruption and the collapse of services.

The protesters stressed that the government loyal to the Saudi-led coalition did not implement the simplest services to alleviate the suffering of citizens who are unable to provide the most basic daily living requirements due to rampant corruption and organized plundering of revenues in all fields.

They held Saudi Arabia, the UAE, the “Leadership Council and the pro-coalition government” fully responsible for the unprecedented bad conditions that citizens have reached.

The sheikhs and social figures participating in the protest in the district threatened to escalate in the face of the coalition if the “government” did not advance economic reforms.