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Sanaa reveals reasons behind damage to submarine cables in Red Sea

SANAA, March 02 (YPA) – The Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs Authority in Sanaa said on Saturday that British and American naval actions against Yemen have caused a submarine cable defect in the Red Sea, threatening international telecommunications.

The Ministry of Transport and the Maritime Affairs Authority explained in a joint statement that these hostilities pose a major challenge to the stability of the communications infrastructure and negatively affect the technical, information, and technical services that depend on these cables around the world.

The statement considered cutting submarine cables as unacceptable behavior and condemned by Yemen and all countries of the world as a criminal and illegal act, stressing that “the Israeli enemy, America, and Britain have been seeking, since the beginning of their illegal operations in the Red Sea, to stir up the situation with their false claims regarding submarine cables.”

The statement indicated that the International Telecommunications Company confirmed that Sanaa had no involvement in the damage to submarine Internet cables in the Red Sea, denying reports that promote this.

The Ministry of Transport and the Maritime Affairs Authority confirmed their readiness to provide all services and grant the necessary permits to Internet service companies to repair and maintain submarine cables in the Red Sea.

They also confirmed their concern for the security and safety of submarine cables in Yemeni waters and the interests of the countries associated with them in accordance with international laws, charters, and agreements.