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Israeli media claims that one perpetrators of Ra’anna attack sought to assassinate Avichay Adraee

OCCUPIED PALESTINE, 22 (YPA) – One of the two Palestinian perpetrators who carried out a deadly car-ramming spree in the central city of Ra’anana last month initially sought to assassinate Avichay Adraee, the Israeli military spokesperson, Israeli media claimed on Wednesday

According to the National Israel News” website, “Ahmed Zeidat (24 years old) revealed his intentions during the interrogation. He worked illegally in Ra’annana, intending to assassinate Avichay Adraee in one of the city’s restaurants and began monitoring him even before the outbreak of the war on October 7th.”

Israeli media quoted Ahmed Zeidat as saying during the interrogation: “I wanted to carry out a qualitative attack… I encountered Adraee and followed him here and there intending to attack him. Later, I returned to the same place armed with a knife,  in an attempt to locate him but I did not find him.”