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Israeli occupation exploits Gaza war to establish new settlements in Quds         

OCCUPIED QUDS, Feb. 11 (YPA) – The Israeli occupation government has been exploiting the war in Gaza to conduct new settlement expansions in occupied Quds.

According to a report by the Hebrew newspaper “Haaretz,” the occupation government is working to establish a new Jewish neighborhood in East Quds in cooperation with far-right activists, which is adjacent to one of the Palestinian neighborhoods and will bear the name “Nobi Rachel.”

The neighborhood will include 650 housing units that will be built a few meters from the homes of Palestinian residents in the Umm Tuba neighborhood, southeast of Quds, according to the initial plan.

The newspaper pointed out that, as is the case with other projects, this neighborhood is the result of a joint initiative between the General Supervisor of the Ministry of Justice and a real estate company controlled by right-wing activists.

It stated that this neighborhood is one of four Jewish neighborhoods that the authorities have promoted in recent years in the eastern part of Quds.

The occupied West Bank has witnessed a surge in settlement aggression since the start of the war on the Gaza Strip, following the unprecedented rise in the number of random settlements and new roads built for settlers.

According to the “Peace Now” organization (an Israeli non-governmental organization) in a report last month, since the beginning of the war in Gaza, settlers have established or re-established at least 10 settlement outposts, some of which had been evacuated in the past and then rebuilt.

The organization added that so far, they have documented at least 18 new roads established by settlers, estimated that the actual number is higher than what was documented, and explained that these roads allow the seizure of new areas on the road’s path and prevent Palestinians from reaching them.