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UAE, Israel discuss plan to avoid Yemen attack in Red Sea

AL-QUDS, Dec. 06 (YPA) – The UAE has approved on a plan to avoid Israeli occupation’s ships from the attacks that the Yemeni armed forces carried out in the Red Sea.

Israel’s Maariv newspaper said that Dubai decided to establish a land bridge to the occupied port of Haifa, with the goal of “overcoming the threat” launched by Sanaa, to facilitate the transport of goods to Tel Aviv.

The newspaper did not explain the mechanism for transporting goods across this bridge.
The Israeli occupation has several strategic relations with the UAE in various military, political and economic fields, since the beginning of the aggression on Gaza, Israeli media said that the UAE provided support to the occupation forces.

During the past days, the Yemeni armed forces targeted two Israeli ships in the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea, threatening to target more of them in response to the crimes that the occupation’s committing against civilians in Gaza Strip.