YEMEN Press Agency

One killed due to violent clashes between coalition’s factions, Dahm tribes in Marib

MARIB, Dec. 02 (YPA) – One of the tribal militants was killed on Saturday by gunmen of the coalition factions on the road linking al-Ebr area and al-Wadiah outlet in the east of Marib province, which is under the control of the coalition, special sources told Yemen Press Agency.

The sources said that the gunmen of Dahm tribes cut off the road leading to al-Wadiah on Friday to demand the release of two of its sons from the prisons of the coalition factions located in the area.

The sources confirmed that elements of the factions fired at the tribal militants, killing one of them, without mentioning any other losses among the factions.

The tribal militants were able to stop traffic between al-Wadiah crossing and al-Ebr area after the outbreak of the clashes.