YEMEN Press Agency

Saudi-led coalition begins dividing Yemen south into eastern, western parts

SANAA, Nov. 28 (YPA) – A southern politician explained that the Saudi-led coalition has begun a plan to tear apart southern Yemen by separating Hadramout province financially and administratively.

The politician and academic at the University of Aden, Abdulrahman Al-Wali, wrote a post on the “X” platform Tuesday in which he said, “By active action and silent silence, the south is divided into two parts, eastern and western, and the beginning is the separation of the east financially and administratively,” in reference to Hadramout taking the decision to prevent depositing revenues with the Central Bank in Aden.

Al-Wali added, “Tariq Afash tried again to station himself in Aden, but it is not known who runs security in Aden,” noting that the Minister of Finance in the pro-coalition government continues to kill employees’ salaries.

He stated that “the high prices are an achievement that exhausts the citizen,” concluding his post by saying, “Enough is enough.”