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Rare Yemeni antiquity sold at auction in Canada

SANAA, Nov. 19 (YPA) – Yemeni antiquities expert Abdullah Mohsen said on Sunday that a rare Yemeni artifact was sold Friday at an international auction in Canada.

Mohsen mentioned in a post on Facebook that a rare tombstone of Aws’ grave was sold in Toronto, the capital of the province of Ontario in the Federation of Canada. He confirmed that a rare rectangular limestone stele of the tomb of Aws was offered for sale (by A.H. Wilkins) for auctions and evaluations on November 17, 2023 AD.

According to archaeologist Mohsen, the artifact dates back to a period between the fourth century and the first century BC. It is one of the Yemeni antiquities from Sheba or Qataban, with the word (Aws) engraved in the middle, which is one of the common names in the civilizations of ancient Yemen.