YEMEN Press Agency

Human Rights Watch: “Israeli attacks on Gaza hospitals are war crimes”

OCCUPIED PALESTINE, Nov. 16 (YPA) – Human Rights Watch has called for an investigation into the Israeli bombing of Gaza hospitals as war crimes, noting that Israel has not yet provided any evidence that Hamas is using hospitals for military purposes.

“The Israeli occupation army’s repeated and apparently unlawful attacks on medical facilities, crews, and transports are further destroying the health care system in the Gaza Strip and must be investigated as war crimes,” the Human Rights Watch organization said.

The organization pointed out that the repeated attacks by the Israeli occupation army have caused damage to hospitals and health care workers and destroyed healthcare infrastructure in Gaza.”

“Raids on hospitals killed hundreds and put many patients in grave danger because they were unable to receive proper medical care,” the organization added.

Human Rights Watch called for the suspension of military aid and arms sales to Israel as long as its forces continue with impunity to commit serious and widespread violations amounting to war crimes against Palestinian civilians.

It urged all governments to pressure the “Israeli occupation” to return electricity and water to Gaza, allow fuel and humanitarian aid to enter, and ensure that water, food, and medicine reach civilians in the Gaza Strip.