YEMEN Press Agency

More than four million children in Yemen face risk of malnutrition

SANAA, Nov. 10 (YPA) – The Supreme Council for Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation in Sanaa has confirmed that malnutrition in Yemeni children is the world’s worst human suffering due to aggression and life-threatening situations.

The Council warns in a report it issued Thursday that malnutrition poses a significant threat to children, who are already experiencing severe human suffering due to aggression, blockade, reduced aid, and cessation of prevention interventions.

According to the report, over 4.5 million children and women in Yemen, including 313,790 under five, are suffering from general and severe acute malnutrition, and approximately 1.7 million children suffer from general malnutrition, while more than 1.4 million children suffer from severe acute malnutrition.

The report revealed that 966,881 pregnant and breastfeeding women are facing malnutrition due to the humanitarian disaster caused by the aggression and blockade, highlighting an increase in acute malnutrition rates during the years of the aggression.

The Humanitarian Affairs Council’s report indicated that the governorates of Hajjah, Hodeida, Saada, Raymah, and Taiz are the most affected, accounting for over half of acute malnutrition cases.

The report stated that 2.2 million children under five require acute malnutrition treatment, while over 8.5 million require humanitarian assistance. They face the daily threat of food shortages and displacement, continued reductions in aid, and WFP’s suspension of malnutrition prevention interventions.

The report confirms Yemen’s ongoing humanitarian crisis, with over 24 million people need some form of various humanitarian assistance.

The Council anticipates a rise in food insecurity and malnutrition cases in the next phase.