YEMEN Press Agency

El-Sisi destroys Egyptian citadel of Arabism, revealing dangerous step towards Palestinian issue

SANAA, Oct. 18 (YPA) – Egypt’s President, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, offered on Wednesday a proposal to “Israel” to displace the Palestinians to the Negev Desert instead of the Sinai until the resistance be eliminated and then return them if Israel wanted to.

This statements by President El-Sisi, during his meeting on Wednesday with the German Chancellor, sparked a wave of widespread criticism and accusations of El-Sisi of conspiring against the people of Palestine and their cause.

Many politicians described these statements as extremely shameful and unbecoming of the state of Egypt and the great Egyptian people, stressing these statements confirm that the issue of displacing Palestinians from their homeland and land may be taken for granted by the Egyptian President, and that the problem and difference lies only in determining the place to which they would be displaced.

While some politicians described these statements as “the height of treason and conspiracy” as they accepted the killing of the resistance in Gaza and even incitement to do so.

They considered that El-Sisi’s talk about displacing Palestinians from their land until Israel destroys “resistance,” instead of talking about the necessity of an immediate ceasefire and entering into negotiations on the root of the problem, in addition to his clear violation of international humanitarian law, which prohibits the forced displacement, is an acknowledgment of the interpretation of Israel that described as the right to self-defense, and is also a violation of the United Nations Charter.

While some considered that the proposal to displace Palestinians from the Gaza to the Negev Desert does not reflect the position of the people of Egypt, and it only confirms the shameful position of the Egyptian regime regarding the management of this issue, starting from the inability to open the Rafah border crossing to the condemnation and attack on the resistance.