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Radical changes to establish new phase to build Yemen state: Al-Qahum

SANAA, Oct. 03 (YPA) – Member of the Ansarullah Political Bureau, Ali Al-Qahum, said that the radical changes would establish a new phase of a state that includes all Yemenis.

“The radical changes serve the country and are in the interest of all the people without exception, Al-Qahum told “Sputnik Arabic” agency. “It is a national message and a reassurance to everyone and to neighboring countries and the region, that Yemen is a guarantor and inclusive state for all Yemenis, with a comprehensive and real national participation for all Yemenis.”

He added: The national vision is moving towards building good and equal relations with the Arab, Islamic and international environment, dealing with the approach of the one Yemeni state, the sovereignty of the Yemeni regime and law, in addition to preserving the unity and geography of Yemen and its wealth, sovereignty, independence and exit from external guardianship.