YEMEN Press Agency

Suspicious movements of UAE in Hadramout reported

HADRAMOUT, Sept. 26 (YPA) – Informed sources have revealed suspicious military movements by the UAE to penetrate the valley and desert cities of Hadramout and deep into the oil plateau, eastern Yemen.

The sources said that forces from the Southern Transitional Council (STC) loyal to the UAE transferred huge weapons from secret warehouses at Al-Rayyan Airport to training camps belonging to the Council and “Al-Haba Al-Hadramiya” faction in Sah District bordering the city of Sayoun, where the leadership of the Islah Party-affiliated forces is stationed.

The reasons and motives for the transfer of weapons are not yet clear, but the operation indicates, in terms of timing, the existing UAE arrangements to launch a surprise attack on the city of Sayoun.

Earlier on Monday, the pro-Saudi factions in Sayoun began mobilizing their forces at the entrances and exits of the city in anticipation of any attacks.

These developments come in light of the recent escalation of tensions between the poles of the Saudi-Emirati coalition and their race to control the capabilities of the oil plateau.