YEMEN Press Agency

Armed attack targets citizen’s farm in Aden

ADEN, Sept. 18 (YPA) – A citizen was injured in an armed attack carried out by elements loyal to a leader in UAE-backed “Southern Transitional Council” factions in Dar Saad area of Aden city, which is under the control of coalition’s factions.

Informed sources reported that elements loyal to the leader Kamal al-Halimi attacked the farm of citizen Samad Muthanna Abdul-Qawi in Bir Fadhl area last Saturday after installing surveillance cameras inside the farm, indicating that the elements shot at the citizen and his car and damaged his property.

The sources confirmed that citizen Saddam injured his feet after storming his farm with six military vehicles under the pretext of not obtaining a permit from al-Halimi and paying for the installation of cameras.

They explained that the elements arrested the farm workers and shot the materials and equipment for the cameras that include solar panels and the generator, in addition to two cars suffered serious damage.