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Police arrest bus driver in Sanaa

SANAA, Sept. 12 (YPA) – The Hadda police in Sanaa arrested Muhannad Abdo Muhammad Ali al-Sabri – 22 years old – who is accused of causing a girl to fall off his bus, while he was driving his minibus very fast  in the Hadda Bridge tunnel, and fled and did not rescue her, which led to her death days after the incident.

The police explained that as soon as they received a report about finding a girl in the city bridge with fractures and bruises, security forces moved to the scene of the incident.

They began the procedures, and took the girl to the police general hospital, and opened investigation into the incident.

It was found that the girl fell from inside the minibus model (2009) belonging to the defendant mentioned above. He was arrested and his bus was seized pending the case, police explained.

Police pointed out that once the procedures are completed, the accused and forward the matter to court for trial.