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What are dimensions of starvation war against the Yemeni people?

SANAA, Sept. 06 (YPA) – There is no government that seeks to prove its failure, as is happening with the government loyal to the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen. Under a situation full of corruption, the Yemenis live in the US, Saudi-controlled areas in southern and eastern Yemen. The pro-aggression government has abandoned any responsibility towards the people and is cling to corruption to manage the interests of some forces.
According to observers, it does not seem that there are any hopes that can be bet on to improve the situation, as the pro-coalition government deal with corruption as an acquired right, while many observers believe that corruption is one of the aspects of the starving war aiming at bringing the people of Yemen to their knees.

In August 2018, the report of the Committee of Regional and International Experts to Investigate Human Rights Violations indicated that corruption by the internationally recognized government in Yemen threatens to undermine peace efforts in Yemen. However, the UN and the international community did not show any interest in the warnings of the team of experts that had been suspended by Human Rights Council.

Despite the daily demonstrations of the people of the occupied Yemeni regions, in rejection of the starvation policy, these demonstrations did not convince the pro-aggression government to take any step towards limiting the increasing economic deterioration and the exacerbation of poverty in those areas.

The disaster for the Yemenis lies in the politicization of human rights issues, as there is no one among the human rights and humanitarian organizations who thinks about holding accountable those responsible for the war of starvation to which the people are exposed.

Many observers believe that the support provided by donors to defend human rights deliberately goes to marginal issues and ignores the crimes that the country suffers from.

Many Yemenis believe that there is an equation that some international powers led by the US are trying to impose on Yemen, which is to impose a war of corruption and starvation on the Yemenis in exchange for obtaining concessions that guarantee the illegitimate interests of the coalition in Yemen.