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In video: Tariq Saleh forces break into citizens’ villages in Mocha

TAIZ, July. 27 (YPA) – A large military force belonging to UAE-funded Tariq Saleh, the nephew of the former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, stormed on Thursday the villages and farms of citizens on the coastal city of Mocha, Taiz province.

Human rights activists on social media circulated a video scene of armed groups storming citizens’farms in al-Qalqul village and assaulting residents, including women.

The raid took place amid heavy gunfire by the militants, using light and medium weapons, which led to wounding several citizens, including women, and terrorizing the residents of those villages, according to the activists.

The large military force, consisting of 30 military vehicles loaded with armed men and accompanied by 8 bulldozers, contributed to bulldozing lands of the citizens.