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Deceased woman visits her imprisoned son

LAHJ, July 23 (YPA) – The southern political activist, Yasser Al-Yamani, revealed on Sunday the details of the tragedy of a political detainee who was prevented from visiting his mother before and after her death in Lahj province, southern Yemen.

Al-Yamani tweeted on the “Twitter” platform: that the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) elements refused to allow his nephew, who has been detained in their prison for a year, to visit his deceased mother, and instead requested that the body of the deceased be brought to the prison in order for her son to see it.

Al-Yamani added: “Indeed, they brought the deceased mother to the front of the prison gate in the Fifth Brigade so that he could see his mother and then return to prison, while his mother taken to the cemetery. In what religion is this and what custom has this happened?”