YEMEN Press Agency

Over 22,000 families have been affected by heavy rains in Yemen

SANAA, June 06 (YPA) – The Supreme Council for the Management and Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs and International Cooperation in Sanaa revealed on Tuesday that more than 22,000 families were affected by the heavy rains that occurred in a number of provinces during (March – May, 2023).

The Humanitarian Affairs Council stated in a report that the torrents resulting from the heavy rains led to the deaths and injuries of more than 18 people, most of displaced, and affected 22,306 families in 15 provinces.

According to the report, the number of damaged dwellings reached 21,378 properties, with 8,339 entirely destroyed and 13,034 partially damaged, and 51 houses becoming decrepit.

The Council stated that the heavy rains caused the destruction of 159 agricultural areas in addition to 82 accidents, including rockslides and road obstructions, 28 dam, well, and water network collapse accidents, and 22 cattle damage.

The report pointed out that Hajjah province was one of the provinces most affected in terms of property damage, while Mahweet province was hit by rockslides, which blocked roads and slowed traffic.

The Council affirmed that the damage caused by torrential rains in internally displaced persons camps, infrastructure, citizens’ homes, and farms doubled the human suffering experienced by the Yemeni people in light of the worst humanitarian crisis as a result of the war and blockade.

The Council emphasized that the devastation necessitates humanitarian and relief organizations working in Yemen to rapidly act to give relief to people affected and provide their basic requirements of shelter, food, shelter, and services.