YEMEN Press Agency

Sanaa discusses with UNDP procedures to develop Hodeida port

HODEIDA, June 04 (YPA) – The CEO of the Yemen Red Sea Ports Corporation, Captain Mohammed Ishaq, discussed with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) Deputy Resident Representative for Operations Affairs, Mulugata Abebe, on Sunday the aspects related to the agreed project matrix to meet the corporation’s needs.

The meeting dealt with what was stipulated in the agreement, especially with regard to providing for the needs of the port of Hodeida in terms of development projects, maintenance of ships, equipment, and machinery, and supplying it with bridge cranes.

In the meeting, Captain Ishaq stressed the importance of speeding up the implementation of those projects by the UNDP according to the time-bound work plan.

For his part, Abebe confirmed that UNDP is committed to implementing priority projects in the port of Hodeida and searching for funds for the remaining projects.