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European Union issues controversial statement on Yemen

SANAA, May 31 (YPA) – The ambassadors of the European Union (EU) countries to Yemen issued a statement on Wednesday that carries many dangerous indications towards Yemen.

The statement comes nearly 24 hours after Saudi Arabia sought the help of the European ambassadors to intervene in the conflict between Riyadh and Abu Dhabi over Hadramout province.

In their statement, the EU ambassadors emphasized what they described as “the identity and strong voice of Hadramout in Yemen,” referring to the EU’s non-objection to the Saudi-led coalition’s efforts to separate Hadramout from Yemen.

The ambassadors’ statement confirmed the EU’s support for the unity of “the Presidential Leadership Council,” loyal to the coalition, without mentioning the unity of Yemen, which is facing many challenges.

The statement did not forget to talk about the EU’s support for “peace efforts led by the United Nations, which provide a path for Yemenis to decide their future.”
Over the past couple weeks, Saudi Arabia has been organizing meetings for Hadrami components loyal to the Kingdom in Riyadh to prepare for the formation of a negotiating delegation on behalf of Hadramout governorate.

However, the pro-UAE components informed Saudi Arabia of the rejection of any outputs from Riyadh’s meetings for the pro-Saudi Hadrami components, as these meetings serve the Saudis and not the people of Hadramout.

On the other hand, Yemeni political sources in Riyadh revealed last Monday that the UAE-affiliated factions refused to provide the guarantees requested by Saudi Arabia that they would not invade the Hadramout valley and desert militarily.