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Protest held in front of “OMV” oil company in Shabwa

SHABWA, May 30 (YPA) – Workers of the Austrian oil company OMV in Shabwa province on Monday, which is under the control of Saudi-led coalition, staged a protest demanding the payment of their labor.

According to informed sources, the employees of the company operating the S2 oil sector in Al-Uqlah carried out a protest in front of the company’s gate over their suspension from work and dismissal without getting their financial dues.

The sources pointed out that the company laid off workers from Shabwa despite the continuity of its work in several oil fields

The sources stated that the workers are setting up tents in front of the company until their demands are met.

It is noteworthy that the company’s employees from Shabwa had asked the governor loyal to the Saudi-led coalition to address the company. They wanted the governor to stop the unfair procedures that do not take into account the concerns and employment of the local people. Their demands have not been met.

The contracting companies in the Al-Uqlah oil field laid off hundreds of their employees and workers in June 2022, due to security conditions based on the directives of the “OMV” company, which owns the field.