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Mahra sit-in committee: The southern and eastern components thwarted the STC’s movements

MAHRA, May 25 (YPA) – Saeed bin Afri, the head of the political department in the sit-in committee against the foreign presence in Mahra province, said that the awareness of the people of Mahra and Yemen would thwart all foreign projects.

“The UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s moves failed miserably as a result of the boycott of all southern and eastern components,” Bin Afri said during a meeting, which was held on Tuesday in Al-Ghaydah,

He pointed out that the sit-in committee took upon itself the national project to protect sovereignty through the efforts of its leaders and headed by Sheikh Ali Salem Al-Huraizi, head of the committee, who devoted his effort to maintaining the security and stability of the governorate and with him all the honorable and free people and tribes of Mahra.

The meeting denounced the rapid deterioration of the local currency and the rise in food prices with the continued blockade on the Yemeni people by the foreign occupation countries.

It reviewed the organizational plans for public action during the next phase in confronting the conspiracies and schemes face  Mahra in a way that preserves security and stability from any divisions.