YEMEN Press Agency

Mass rally in Sanaa commemorates anniversary of ‘al-Sarkha’, Ansarullah’s slogan

SANAA, May 24 (YPA) -Ten thousand of Yemeni people took to the street in the capital Sanaa, on Wednesday morning. The crowds gathered to mark the anniversary of the “Al-Sarkha slogan.”

The slogan is a cry in the face of arrogance. It was created by Martyr Sayyed Hussein Badr al-Din al-Houthi, and it translates to “Leave the state of silence and build the Islamic Nation militarily and economically.”

The participants carried slogans of freedom, flags of Yemen, and banners calling for a boycott of American and Israeli goods.

They also raised banners denouncing American policy and arrogance and supporting the Palestinian people and the Palestinian cause in the face of the Zionist enemy.

A statement issued by the rally claimed that America is the one who leads the aggression against our country and besieges it, and it is the one who obstructs peace and is keen on the continuity of the fighting, which confirms the righteous position taken by the martyr leader.

The statement stressed that the slogan thwarted the plans of the enemies and broke the barrier of fear. It directed hostility towards those who are hostile to the nation and fight its people, noting that the slogan exposed agents and takfiris, while also unmasking democracy and freedom talking points as empty slogans of the United States.

The statement pointed out that one of the most important practical steps of the Quranic project was utilizing the “boycott weapon” towards the goods and products of the enemy. It serves as a necessary precondition in building the nation and achieving self-sufficiency.

The statement warned “the Arabs who have normalized relations with Zionists,” as warned by the leader Abdul Malik al-Houthi. They were told that America is declining, so do not pin hopes on them to continue the aggression against Yemen.