YEMEN Press Agency

Palestinian resistance launches heavy missiles against Zionist entity

GAZA, May 12 (YPA) -Palestinian resistance factions in the Gaza Strip fired heavy missiles towards the enemy’s sites and settlements in Gaza vicinity, Ashdod, Tel Aviv and Ramle, on Thursday evening, in a response to the Zionist ongoing aggression on Gaza and assassination of Al-Quds Brigades commanders.

According to sources, heavy and successive bursts were launched from the Gaza Strip towards the settlements of the Gaza Enclave and other cities.

Sirens sounded in Tel Aviv, Ashdod, Ashkelon, the Gaza envelope and various settlements around Gaza, while Iron Dome tried to counter resistance rockets.

According to Hebrew Channel 14, a building in the Rehovot settlement in southern Tel Aviv was directly hit, which left one death and 13 injuries and caused a massive destruction.

The Israeli occupation army announced that more than 800 missiles have been fired from Gaza since the beginning of the operation termed by the Palestinian Resistance as the “Revenge of the Free”.

Zionist media outlet indicated that 15 buildings have so far been directly hit by the Palestinian rockets, indicating that the number of injuries among the Zionist settlers has neared 30.