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What is secret of US-British reservations towards peace in Yemen?

SANAA, May 02 (YPA) – Peace, the greatest enemy for the United States of America and Britain, if it prevails over the world and may mark the end of the American empire and its subordinate Britain.

According to an analysis to Yemen Press Agency, the US and Britain, the two countries that are economically and politically based on wars, instability, and interference in the affairs of other countries.

The facts of modern and contemporary history proved that the British colonies in the different continents of the world, the occupation and the American military intervention in the world have become a black point in the history of these two countries, which have caused many peoples of the earth to experience the bitterness of occupation and looting of wealth.

In his meeting with the UN special envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg, the President of the Supreme Political Council, Mahdi Al-Mashat, affirmed that the facts have proven that the United States of America and Britain are the ones that put obstacles to all attempts to bring peace to Yemen based on their vision to go on the war and the blockade aimed at keeping their economic and political interest.

It has become almost certain that America and Britain are behind all the suffering of the Yemeni people through their efforts to strike at any understandings to establish peace, with making their plots aimed at continuing the war.

US’s participation in the Yemeni war has gone beyond providing logistical support to direct participation in the war. America can only live through wars and its long history has witnessed, in addition to a series of internal and external wars waged by this country since its founding until today, when it has proven itself as a superpower through wars and invasions and occupation in all continents of the world.

America has no credibility and cannot be an honest mediator in any issue in the world because of the lack of integrity and impartiality in the American system, and modern and contemporary history witness that.