YEMEN Press Agency

American website: Saudi Arabia failed to defeat Sanaa forces

WASHINGTON, April 23 (YPA) – The “Geopolitical Future” website stated that Saudi Arabia has failed to defeat the Sanaa forces despite the superiority of its equipment and manpower, indicating that the Yemen war revealed the extent of Saudi Arabia’s weak military performance.

The website indicated that after four years of the war on Yemen, Saudi Arabia lost full control over the military situation, and the Yemenis took control of more than 20 sites inside the Kingdom and were close to the city of Najran.

It pointed out that Saudi Arabia relied on foreign fighters and used fighters from Sudan, stressing that this is another evidence of the failure of the Saudi forces.

The Saudi defense budget for 2023 is about $69 billion, more than the military spending of all other Arab countries combined, the website mentioned, wondering about Saudi Arabia’s spending hundreds of billions of dollars on weapons only to end up relying on foreign forces to protect themselves.

The American “Geopolitical Future” website did not mention the presence of American, British, and Western forces on the ground or in the military operations rooms that run the war in Yemen, only hinting at the military and logistical support for the Saudi-led coalition.