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SCER reviews its losses during eight years of aggression war

SANAA, March 31 (YPA) – The Supreme Committee for Elections and Referendum (SCER) held on Thursday a press conference on the occasion of the National Resilience Day, to review the losses and damages it suffered over eight years.

At the opening of the conference, the head of the committee, Judge Mohamed Abdullah Al-Salemi, said that “the Yemenis are entering the ninth year of aggression more powerful, resilient and steadfast than before.”

He pointed out that the Saudi-led aggression coalition countries targeted all the foundations of life and institutional, civil and military capabilities with the same extent and degree of aggression.

At the conference, SCER’s Secretary-General, Mohamed Al-Jalal, explained that the total direct and indirect losses suffered by the committee amounted to 20,112,173,000 riyals.

Al-Jalal indicated that the direct airstrikes of the aggression aircraft targeted five headquarters and branches of the SCER’s General Secretariat in the five provinces, while the Committee’s institutional structure and projects were indirectly damaged as a result of the attack by the aggression mercenaries.

The aggression coalition’s warplanes bombed and completely destroyed the committee’s branch in Bayda province, and the losses totaled 400 million riyals, and bombed the warehouses of the General Secretariat’s branch in Hodeida, and the losses were estimated at one hundred million riyals. Al-Jalal explained.

He added that the aggression mercenaries targeted the headquarters of the Committee’s General Secretariat branch in Jawf province, and looted and destroyed its electoral and administrative contents, with losses amounting to 20 million riyals, as well as the headquarters of the General Secretariat branch of the Committee in Shabwa province, and the losses were estimated at 12 million riyals.

The Committee’s Secretary-General reported that aggression mercenaries targeted the General Secretariat of the Committee in Abyan province, resulting in 15 million riyals in losses.

Al-Jalal stated that the total losses and damages to the infrastructure and institutional structure of the Supreme Elections Committee were 19,555,173,000 riyals due to the delay of the electronic electoral register project and donor countries’ failure to implement their obligations.

The Committee’s Secretary-General highlighted the achievements of the committee during the years of aggression, such as the successful holding of parliamentary elections for vacant seats in April 2019, which were successful and dropped the aggression coalition bets.