YEMEN Press Agency

Coalition war has caused Red Sea port losses in excess of $3 billion

HODEIDA, March 30 (YPA) – The Yemeni General Corporation for Red Sea Ports has revealed that the direct and indirect material damages and losses incurred as a result of the Saudi-led coalition war and blockade totaled 3,254,970,000 dollars.

The Deputy Chairman of the Red Sea Ports Corporation, Zaid Al-Washli, explained in a press conference organized by the corporation that the destruction of port infrastructure and the closure of all seaports will remain a witness to war crimes committed by the coalition against humanity in Yemen.

At the conference, Al-Washli reviewed the extent of the damage that affected the Red Sea ports, including the port of Hodeida.

He considered the destruction of the Red Sea ports a full-fledged war crime and a violation of international humanitarian law.

Al-Washli explained that the container ships arriving at the corporation’s ports in 2014 amounted to 194 ships, and the number of containers reached 299,975 containers, while in 2022 only 18 ships and 10,968 containers were registered, with a difference of 96 percent.