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UAE accelerates to complete construction of military base in Socotra

SANAA, March 28 (YPA) – The UAE has accelerated to complete the construction of the military base on Abd al-Kuri Island, located in the Yemeni archipelago of Socotra.

ICAD investigation platform affirmed in a report published on Monday, that new satellite images showed that the UAE had started laying the foundation for the runway of the military base on Abdel-Kuri Island, in preparation for its paving, after working has started since December 2021.

The report indicated that the photos showed developments affecting the new main airstrip, in preparation for the construction of military warehouses or logistical buildings, in addition to the establishment of workers areas and modern buildings east of the base, which began work on at the end of last year.

This came after the platform published, last January, a report on the UAE launching work to construct a military base on Abd al-Kuri Island, which has 6 oil sectors, close to the Gulf of Aden, Bab al-Mandab and Horn of Africa.

During the past year, the UAE carried out a forced displacement operation against the people of Abd al-Kuri Island, to the city of Hadiboh, the provincial capital of Socotra, as well as the province of Hadramout.

According to the report, the runway of the military base, which is 30 meters wide and likely 1.25 km long, with the extension of the dirt line of the runway.

Earlier this week, the UAE sent new forces to Hadiboh airport, including foreign officers.
Those forces were transferred, according to local sources in Socotra, to Abd al-Kuri Island.

Abd al-Kuri Island is the second largest island in the Socotra archipelago and located between the Gulf of Aden and the Horn of Africa. The UAE has ambitions on the island because it is located within a major shipping corridor linking Europe and Asia, near the strategic Bab al-Mandab Strait of Yemen.